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Holding Samgau created by IT professionals having huge success experience in implementation of large-scale IT projects. Holding hundreds Samgau professionals, united by a common purpose: Introduction to life and ensuring the smooth operation of projects in the field of information technologies.

Our accumulated experience includes a full range of IT services

bubble_chart DESIGN

Examination of the subject area, collection and analysis of requirements, development of technical specifications, specifications, techno-design engineering, the creation of a set of technical and operational documentation


Development of software code, architecture of programs and schemes of interaction component performance testing software code, organization and carrying out of complex tests, testing solutions, carrying out trial operation of information systems

offline_pin INSTALLATION

Installation of system and application software, you set up and software platforms, system administration software and hardware systems, deployment, synchronization, database replication, migration information

account_circle TECHNICAL SUPPORT

Technical support, consulting, resolving problems, training

verified_user SECURITY

Information security, system audits and vulnerability scan, the organization of information security, training systems for the certification of information security


Administration of server hardware, storage, setting up of active and passive network equipment, the organization of the secure network connection (VPN), laying and commissioning of network video surveillance and recording

Technical support and administration of software and hardware systems at the request of the customer is held in its immediate location and, if necessary, is carried out 24/7

supervisor_account TEAM

Our team is a close-knit and friendly team of highly qualified specialists constantly improve their professional skills and knowledge. Over many years of experience coherent implementation of IT projects, we have gained the ability to understand not only each other but also to the customer at a glance. Holding Policy provides for compulsory study of the latest technology and regular certification procedures, examinations and tests.


Holding Samgau has its own powerful software and hardware infrastructure. In our work we use the most advanced technology and the latest models of computer hardware, server and network equipment. Our server equipment is located in a national data center on modern high-tech areas, ensure uninterrupted power supply and high-speed access to the Internet. The backed equipment, as well as test sites are located in their own premises, to provide an optical communication channels and reliable uninterruptible power supply.

done_all QUALITY

Creating software and check their rabotosposonosti we usually carry in their own offices and laboratories. Depending on the conditions of the project is possible to organize the development of software at the Customer.