A meeting of Webkassa developers with the Cabinet of Ministers and media representatives was held in the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

28.01.2019 14:30

On January 28, a meeting of #webkassa developers took place in the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan with the Cabinet of Ministers and media representatives. The founder of the company Evgeny Maximov presented all opportunities of program ... online of KKM which is for 100% the Kazakhstan product. Advantages of our product:
- has all the functions of an online of cash desk;
- does not break and does not require modernization;
- works from any PC, tablet or smartphone.
According to the Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov: "The cash register machines used today with fiscal memory are used in Kazakhstan since 1995 and taking into account the development of technology are technically obsolete. The introduction of new technologies, including the country's transition to the use of online CRM is an integral part of the digitization of tax administrations of the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Council " In addition, according to him, it is planned to develop mobile online CRM, which are application on your smartphone."The introduction of online CMC has already had an effect. So, it was chosen focus group 1,700 business entities who knocked out one check per day or showed every day the same amount of revenue, after sending them a notice, increased revenues in the second quarter by almost 3 times - from 68.4 million tenge to 171.1 million tenge. Additionally to the budget thanks to this initiative, following the results of the second half of the year received more than 895 million tenge ", - concluded the head of the Ministry of Finance. Online CRM records information sales revenue and transfers them to the server of state revenue bodies online.